Direct Parsing Pada Pengenalan Pola Kalimat Berbahasa Indonesia

Jurnal Teknik Informatika Volume 02 Nomor 01 Maret 2010 ISSN : 1907 – 9834

Fawaid Effendi

Jurusan Teknik Informatika, STT Nurul Jadid Paiton

PO BOX 1 Paiton – Probolinggo 67291

Email :


Natural language processing (NLP) is the one such application of Artificial Intelligence study. This teory focusing on the natural interaction among man and machine, especially in the structure of human natural conversation or language. Natural language processing can be implemented  in our society of daily live activity. There are much application using NLP study in the word, but not in Indonesia. In our country this NLP implementation doesn’t develop quickly.

The problem is how to collaborate the powerfull of computer processing and the linguistic study that still difficult to implement. In this research I will develop Indonesian Language structure understanding by using natural language concept approach. The implementation is how to make computer recognizing Bahasa Indonesia structure and understanding that this sentence are not false in syntax analysis (SPOK) which adjusted by EYD rule.

 Keyword :  natural language processing, direct parsing, SPOK


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